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Currently, the EduExo is only available through the academy program of the exoskeleton company Auxivo AG. Please visit the Auxivo website for more information.



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EduExo Maker Edition (Personal License)

The maker Edition for all DIY people. Contains a digital handbook (PDF) and the STL files of all EduExo parts. Requires access to a 3D printer, sewing, soldering and to order all components yourself (additional costs!). This is a personal licence allowing you to reproduce the EduExo for yourself. Reproduction, sharing, selling and other distribution is not allowed. If you are interested, you can buy a component set from us that provides you with all parts except the 3D printed ones.


CHF 40.00

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EduExo Kit (Box)

The boxed version of the EduExo Kit. Contains all parts you need to assemble the EduExo exoskeleton and the handbook that contains the tutorial. Requires hex wrenches, a screwdriver, and soldering iron to assemble, a computer and USB (A/B) cable to program it and batteries to operate it (not included). You can include the muscle control extension by selecting it in the pull down menu.



CHF 220.00

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EduExo Kit Classroom Sets

A variety of different size classroom sets containing several EduExo boxes. In addition to every classrom set you will get a slide deck and additional material (pictures and videos) that you can use to prepare your exoskeleton courses. If you require larger quantities or an official quote please contact us. You can also order additional printed handbooks together with a classroom set to provide more students with learning material while they work as a team to build the EduExo.


CHF 1 050.00

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Component Set for Maker Edition

All the components (motor, sensor, microcontroller, cables, screws, hook and loop fastener, printed handbook...) that you need to build the EduExo, but without the 3D printed and manufactured parts. Requires the Maker Edition of the EduExo that includes the STL files!

This set is for everyone who has the EduExo maker edition but who does not want to buy all the components from different suppliers. You get all the parts in one box. Two different versions are available: The first includes the Arduino microcontroller (Standard). The second comes without the Arduino (all other parts are included) to accommodate to the many makers out there who already have an Arduino. You can also buy it together with the EMG extension.

Component set for the EduExo Maker Edition

CHF 130.00

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Muscle Control Extension

The Muscle Control Extension for the EduExo kit. Requires the EduExo Kit and soldering equipment. The extension adds a muscle activity sensor (EMG), a set of electrodes, cables and a new handbook with background information and tutorial to the EduExo. Can be bought together with the EduExo kit at a discount (to do so, select the option "Including Muscle Control Extension" when selecting the EduExo kit).

CHF 100.00

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