EduExo - The Robotic Exoskeleton Kit

The EduExo is an educational exoskeleton kit that interactively introduces you to the fascinating field of robotic exoskeletons. The kit contains the hardware that you need to assemble and program an elbow exoskeleton. An accompanying handbook provides background information on exoskeleton history, functionality and technology. In addition, the handbook contains a tutorial that will guide you through the different steps. In the end, you will have a good understanding about exoskeleton technology and its applications, together with hands-on experience building and programming your own robotic exoskeleton.

In the EduExo box, you will find all the mechanical and electronic parts that you need to assemble an elbow exoskeleton. The handbook (also in the box) will guide you through the different steps. A free and complementary website ( provides additional information and is a way for you to connect to other EduExo users to share your ideas and EduExo projects.

The EduExo exoskeleton assembled
The EduExo exoskeleton assembled
The EduExo handbook
The EduExo handbook
The EduExo website
The EduExo website

For whom it is:

  • High school and college students who want to learn about robotic exoskeleton technology to prepare themselves for a career in exoskeletons and wearable robotics.
  • Makers and hobbyists who are looking for an interesting and entertaining project in a fascinating field.
  • Teachers and professors who want to set up exoskeleton courses or labs. The EduExo will come with additional teaching material and can save a lot of time and money preparing a course.

What it is:

  •           An educational robotics kit that will help you to learn about exoskeleton technology.

  •           A do-it-yourself kit that requires your active participation and willingness to learn and try new things.

What it is not:

  •           A medical device that is intended to be used for any kind of therapy or medical application.

  •           An exoskeleton that makes you super strong. The actuation is weak and only intended to illustrate basic exoskeleton principles. You will not be able to do more chin-ups. It rather provides a gentle guidance of your movements.

  • A plug-and-play device that works out of the box. You have to make it work, that is a feature!


More details on the hardware and content of the tutorial can be found below. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us.

The EduExo Exoskeleton

The EduExo is a one degree-of-freedom elbow exoskeleton. The hardware combines off-the-shelf components (motor, force sensor and Arduino microcontroller) with a rigid exoskeleton structure and cuff interfaces.

The EduExo Handbook

The handbook has five main chapters that will introduce you to many aspects of robotic exoskeletons and their technology. The first chapter is a general introduction to the field. The following chapters each introduces one aspect of exoskeleton technology, starting with the necessary theoretical background, followed by a set of tutorials that you implement with the EduExo hardware.


By going through the tutorials, you will learn how the mechanical design resembles the human anatomy, how to connect the sensors and the electronics board, and how to design and program a control system. Further, you will  connect the exoskeleton to a computer and learn how to use it as a haptic device in combination with virtual reality.

The 90 pages of the handbook contain around 40 illustrations, 20 photos, 10 Screenshots, 20 Source code listings and 20 info boxes  to present you the information in an appealing and accessible way.

The EduExo Website

Part of the EduExo Kit is the free website provides additional information complementary to the handbook. Multimedia content and articles about exoskeletons can be found there as well. If you are an EduExo user, we invite you to share your own EduExo projects with other users through this website. If you created something fun and interesting, please contact us via We would be happy to feature your EduExo project on the EduExo website and YouTube channel. The website is of course free of charge and accessible to everyone who wants to learn about exoskeletons.

Available Editions

There are two different editions of the EduExo kit available. The Maker Edition is the perfect choice for you if you are on a budget or prefer to do everything yourself (including manufacturing of the parts and purchasing all components). The Boxed Edition provides you with all the parts you need to start right away. 

Maker Edition

The most affordable way to learn about robotic exoskeletons. If you have access to a 3D printer, a well-equipped toolbox and prefer doing things yourself? The EduExo maker edition is the right choice for you. You get the EduExo E-handbook (PDF) with the tutorial, STL files of the exoskeleton structure and a list of components you need to buy.

Boxed Edition

The easiest way to learn about robotic exoskeletons. The boxed version of the EduExo kit contains the printed handbook and all mechanical and electronic components to build the EduExo. You can start right away.


We offer and develop several extensions that add functionality to the basic kit and enable you to discover additional and specialized aspects of exoskeleton design, control and applications. Each extension will include a handbook and either a hardware or software component. Similar to the main EduExo handbook, the extension courseware will provide theoretical background knowledge and a tutorial with practical tutorials.

Muscle Control Ext.

An extension to the EduExo kit (requires the basic kit) that teaches how to control the exoskeleton using muscle activity measurements. The extension adds a muscle activity sensor (EMG) and a new extension handbook with background information and tutorial.

How to get the EduExo?

You can buy the EduExo and its extensions through our online shop. For any sales related inquiries, please write to:

Licensing the EduExo as an Educator

The standard maker edition is a personal license that is linked to one person and allows using and reproducing the EduExo for yourself. If you are a teacher, professors or part of a makerspace that offers courses, you can license the EduExo to produce it locally multiple times to equip entire classes and courses. For that we offer EduExo volume licenses that allow you to reproduce the handbook and the exoskeleton each semester. If you are interested, please write us to: Similar to the EduExo classroom sets, you will receive additional teaching material (figures, videos, slide deck) that will help you to prepare your courses.


The EduExo is our very first product and its journey started as a side project in late 2015 (besides a PhD in exoskeleton robotics). After winning the wearable robotics conference innovation competition in April 2017, we moved ahead. A successful Kickstarter campaign in Mai/June 2017 provided us with the necessary funds to evolve it into the full-grown robotics kit that you can buy today on this website. Additionally, we won a business idea prize at the Venture Kick startup competition in June 2017.

Press and Reviews

You can find a variety of articles about the EduExo online. Find a selection below. Click on the logos to get to the article. If you are interested in reporting about the EduExo yourself, you can find pictures and other material in our media section on the corresponding website If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.


“EduExo looks like a great project hitting a niche where I don’t see a lot of products, in education or in terms of maker projects.”-


 “Given that it strikes a nice balance between educational and “Holy shit I just built an exoskeleton,” it isn’t surprising EduExo’s Kickstarter campaign is a success.” - SnapMunk


“ now have the opportunity to support this fantastic introduction to wearable robotics and augmentation technology kit.” - Exoskeleton Report


“But the new EduExo exoskeleton kit on Kickstarter, which is designed for students, teachers, makers and hobbyists, is looking to democratize exoskeleton development.” - Robotics Trends


“The core concept behind EduExo is pretty cool; a robotic exoskeleton kit that you can assemble and program yourself.” - All3DP